[Pic] Russell Brand tweets, deletes photo of Katy Perry without makeup

Singer Katy Perry might have discovered some of the not-as-exciting aspects of being a newlywed in the public eye, as husband Russell Brand tweeted a picture of her without makeup to his 1.7 million followers.

The pic was quickly deleted, but the internet remembers everything, and the image quickly popped up on news and gossip sites around the world. It's certainly not a terrible pic, but isn't one most of us would have selected as our main Facebook picture given the choice.

Per the Daily Mail, the pair are spending the holidays in London before starting up a bunch of projects in the new year:

The pair are making the most of their break before starting work again with a vengeance next month.

Russell is set to finish recording his voiceover for animated movie Hop - in which he plays the Easter Bunny.

Katy meanwhile kicks off the European leg of her California Dreams tour - to promote her current Teenage Dream album - in February.

Neither Brand nor Perry have since mentioned the pic.