Father Finds His 17-Year-Old Daughter In Bed With School Employee

A high school hall monitor has been arrested after the father of a 17-year-old student caught him naked in bed with his daughter.

Tajreed Rich, who worked at Robbinsdale Cooper High School in Minneapolis, has since been charged with sexual assault after he was found in the girl’s bedroom when her dad returned home early.

The father, who has not been named, went into his daughter’s bedroom after he heard strange noises emanating from her walls. When he went in he found a nude Tajreed Rich, standing over her naked body.

He recognised Rich from school, and the family then decided to call the police later in the day. Rich was fired on Monday from Robbinsdale Cooper.

It was later confirmed that he has counselled students at the school about their relationships and had even been in charge of a cheer leading squad at a different school.

The teenager stated that she’d had sex with Rich on two separate occasions, which he went on to confirm. He also noted that the incidents occurred once at his home and once at her house and that on both occasions he didn’t wear a condom.

Rich also said that he knew he shouldn’t have gone through with the relationship and described the girl as a “vulnerable student.”

Robbinsdale Cooper High School released a statement that read, “This is a horrible incident, and the district finds acts such as this reprehensible. The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority, and our hearts go out to the family during this time.”

Country Attorney Mike Freeman told a press conference about the incident, “[It’s] a tragedy for any father [who] comes home and finds his daughter in bed with another man. He’s 41, she’s 17 … He’s a hall monitor. I mean, the charge here is a position of authority. I think parents have a right to expect when their kids are at school that people employed at that school are not going to mess with their daughters, or sons, for that matter.”

[Image Alexander Raths/Shutterstock]