Derecho Moves To Washington Area Thursday

The Washington area is preparing themselves for the predicted derecho that’s supposed to strike the early Thursday morning.

Jason Samenow, The Washington Post‘s chief meteorologist, has stated that a cluster of storms are making their way from the Mid-West area to the Mid-Atlantic area beginning Wednesday night and overnight into Thursday.

Samenow reported that this storm has the potential to be the most intense thunderstorm outbreak of the year.

The worst of the storms have been predicted to hit the area during the midmorning through late afternoon, and Samenow stated that the exact timing of the storms could play a big part in how sever the impact will be.

Sameson said that storms should not be as intense if they hit early in the day but conditions could turn out to “be more explosive” if they arrive later.

“That could include destructive winds and even a few tornadoes.”

Maintenance crews all over are preparing for the worst considering how unpredictable these storms can actually be.

Myra Oppel, a Pepco company spokeswoman stated the following:

“If we were expecting landfall from a hurricane, we could have a better sense in terms of what to expect in terms of outages,”

Oppel continued on to say, “this, we know there’s a severe thunderstorm, but it depends on how it moves in and how it manifests itself in terms of wind speeds and how heavy the rain is.”

One of the biggest concerns for much of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic areas is the threat of flash floods.

Howard Silverman, senior meteorologist at the National Weather Service’s Baltimore-Washington forecast office stated:

“We’re forecasting heavy rainfall, and with the recent bout of rain the D.C. metro area has received, we really can’t take too much more rainfall of any kind without seeing flash flooding.”

As the derecho continues to make its way across the country, everyone is doing what they can to prepare for the possibility of even more severe weather.

As the storms rage on in the Midwest, the Washington area is hard at work preparing for the arrival of the derecho anytime from late Wednesday through Thursday afternoon.