2 Chainz Arrested On Drug Charges

This has certainly been a rough week for 2 Chainz.

The Georgia rapper was arrested at LAX Tuesday on drug charges. The 35-year-old, born Tauheed Epps, was removed from an outbound flight and arrested after TSA searched his checked baggage and found marijuana and promethazine, one of the key ingredients in “sizzurp.” He was subsequently removed from the plane and placed under arrest.

2 Chainz was previously arrested in Maryland on a possession charge back in February, but didn’t let that stop him from taking pictures with the arresting officers at the station. The rapper was arrested after police stopped and searched his van, finding marijuana and a grinder inside a camouflage-colored bag. However, 2 Chainz didn’t take responsibility for the grinder, and his security guard, Harold Folsome, Jr. said he threw it in the bag while they were getting ready for a show. Folsome said he didn’t know who it belonged to, although he told police at the time of the arrest that he was the owner since he put it in the bag and felt responsible for it.

2 Chainz was acquitted of the charges two months later because a judge felt there was no evidence to proof that the grinder belonged to him.


Last Sunday, 2 Chainz was robbed at gunpoint at the KMEL Summer Jam in San Francisco. He told officers that only his wallet was stolen, and that he would handle the situation himself. However, the rapper denied reports that he had been robbed and said that, when rappers get robbed, the robber will typically post pictures of the stolen items. But San Francisco police said that 2 Chainz was indeed robbed, and that he was listed as “victim of a stolen wallet containing credit cards, U.S. currency and a cell phone.”

What do you think of 2 Chainz’s latest arrest? Do you believe him when he says he wasn’t robbed?

[Photo credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]