Crysis 2 “performs better” on PS3 than Xbox 360

The first Crysis was so heralded for its visuals that I can scarcely recall what the damn game was about. It could have been a cow-milking sim for all I remember, but HEY DOODS AMAZING GRAPHICZ. Hence, we all know that forthcoming sequel Crysis 2 will look like the nuts. But here’s something: it won’t look quite as good on Xbox 360 as it will on PlayStation 3.

Developer Crytek has confessed to CVG that it’s been getting “slightly more performance from PS3 compared to 360” when it comes to development.

In past cross-platform releases, the difference between PS3 and Xbox 360 versions has been minimal (though some PS3 exclusives, such as Uncharted 2, hint at a larger divide between the consoles), so I’d be surprised if people notice much difference.

That said, the PC version will trump both, so nyyyaaarrr.

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[Via CVG]