‘This Is The End’ Opens Strong On Tuesday Night

This is the End opened to very strong numbers on Tuesday night.

The R-rated comedy from directors Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen proved that stoner comedies can still make an impressive amount of money at the box office. The R-rated flick managed to snag $2.2 million during late Tuesday and midnight showings.

According to The Wrap, This is the End could end up making a tidy sum of money over the next five days. Analysts predict the comedy could pull in around $30 million from curious moviegoers. However, quite a bit of that business may end up going to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Only time will tell.

Even if the film doesn’t make more than $30 million over the next few days, This is the End will already be well on its way to recouping its production budget. The Hollywood Reports claims the comedy only cost around $32 million to make before marketing.

The website uses the magician thriller Now You See Me as an example. Louis Leterrier’s flick made around $1.9 million during its Tuesday evening showings. The film went on to make approximately $29.4 million at the box office on opening weekend. Analysts believe This is the End could travel down the same path.

Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen’s comedy has a slew of positive reviews on its side at the moment. The film’s Rotten Tomatoes score is positioned at 79 percent, which is very good for this kind of movie. Positive word of mouth could also help put butts in seats.

Of course, Man of Steel will likely rule the box office this weekend. While some believe the movie will open to well above the $100 million mark, the folks at Warner Bros. are keeping their expectations in check. The studio believes the film will earn around $75 million.

Are you planning to catch This is the End over the weekend? Do you think the film stands a chance against Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel?