Om Nom Nom Nom: 8 Brilliant Food Sculptures

Don’t play with your food, our parents always told us.

We obediently listened and learned, but those who didn’t became food sculptors. Here are eight amazing food sculptures crafted and moulded from everything from chocolate to cheese to gummi bears (yes):

Carl Warner specializes in whimsical, fantastic landscapes built entirely from food (“foodscapes” in Warner’s words) – his entire gallery is well worth checking out.

An entire room and its occupants, meticulously recreated using Cheetos. Gross. But also amazing. Sadly, I’ve no idea about who the original artist is, but my hat goes off to them.

This octopus is made exclusively from tins of food. A quite remarkable canstruction.

“Dita von Cheese” by Prudence Emma Staite. Based, of course, on popular burlesque performer Dita von Teese.

Keep it cool: this butter pig with feasting piglets was designed by Jim Victor.

A mammoth chandelier, crafted exclusively from gummi bears by artist Ya Ya Chou. Here’s a close-up.

Christel Assante sculpts empty, delicate eggshells with staggering detail.

A whole sofa sculpted from chocolate, another work by the excellent Prudence Emma Staite. Not good near fires.