Teacher Suspended For Showing ‘Saw’ To Sixth Graders

A math teacher in France was suspended for showing the horror flick Saw to his sixth grade students.

Word of the screening started to spread when a one student showed signs of distress after returning home from school. An investigation was launched after a one of the parents let school officials know what had happened.

“He returned from school on Monday evening, visibly in some discomfort, not well. I asked him and he told me his maths teacher had shown them a horror film during class. At the moment the teachers are having staff meetings and parent-teacher meetings, so their classes are cut short and interrupted a bit,” the boy’s father explained.

Jean-Baptiste Clement was suspended for one day for showing James Wan’s Saw to a room full of 11-year-old students. However, the teacher could face further punishment down the road.

“We’re in the process of seeing what sort of legal measures we might be able to take in this case,” a spokesperson for the school explained to The Guardian.

Clement reportedly referred to Saw as “torture porn” before screening the movie to the class.

“This will be your first horror film,” he allegedly told his students.

Although the teacher was suspended for one day for showing the movie, an investigation into the matter is still underway. It’s currently unknown if he will face further disciplinary actions.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this isn’t the first time a teacher has gotten in trouble for showing an inappropriate film to a room full of students.

A teacher in Georgia landed in hot water not too long ago for showing a handful of inappropriate films during school hours. Instead of horror movies, this educator went for raunchy comedies. The students were reportedly subjected to the R-rated films The Candidate and Ted.

What do you think about the teacher getting suspended for showing the horror flick Saw to sixth graders? Do you believe he could face further punishment?