Dodgers Brawl : Players And Coaches Battle [Video]

The Dodgers brawl on Tuesday night will go down as one of the craziest in MLB’s history after multiple players were hit at the plate by opposing pitchers. The Arizona Diamondbacks didn’t expect the intense fight that came in the middle of the seventh inning at Dodgers Stadium after pitcher Ian Kennedy hit Zack Greinke with a pitch up-and-in near his face.

It all began earlier in the game when Kennedy first hit rookie Yasiel Puig with a pitch that went off his nose during the sixth. In the very next inning, Dodgers’ starter Greinke hit Diamonbacks’ catcher Miguel Montero in the back which resulted in both teams being warned by the home plate umpire.

Pay back and it’s all over right? Not exactly, as it all came to furious close in the next half inning when Greinke was hit Kennedy in the shoulder which led to all-out brawl.

Both benches immediately cleared and players began racing to the scene from both bullpens in the outfield. Punches were being thrown during the Dodgers brawl that ensued and a few players and coaches were tossed from the game.

Yasiel Puig was one of the first players that made it to the pile and he went furious before being ejected. Mark McGwire, who’s currently the Dodgers hitting coach, was also tossed for his involvement after getting in the face of Diamondbacks’ manager Kirk Gibson.

Both Ian Kennedy and Gibson were ejected, which was expected as both teams had been warned earlier in the game. The only other player to get tossed was Ronald Belisario while Diamondbacks’ coach Turner Ward was also given the boot.

Dodgers’ manager Don Mattingly commented on the scuffle after the game.

“If you can’t pitch inside without hitting someone in the head, you shouldn’t pitch inside,” he said via The Associated Press.

Do you think the battle during the Dodgers brawl on Tuesday night will go down as one of the most intense in MLB history?