Sarah Murnaghan Will Receive A New Set Of Lungs

Sarah Murnaghan, the 10-year-old child with cystic fibrosis who challenged the rules in her fight for life, will be receiving a new pair of lungs.

Her mother, Janet Murnaghan, posted this emotional announcement to her Facebook page on Wednesday morning:

“God is great! He moved the mountain! Sarah got THE CALL. She will be taken back to the OR in 30min. Please pray for Sarah’s donor, her HERO, who has given her the gift of life. Today their family has experienced a tremendous loss, may God grant them a peace that surpasses understanding. Please pray for Sarah and her surgical team and our whole family! We are overwhelmed with emotions!!!! Thank you to all of you for the unending support. Xoxoxo!! God bless! Today is the start of Sarah’s new beginning and new life!”

CNN has confirmed the announcement and said that Sarah is currently undergoing the life-saving transplant surgery.

Sarah Murnaghan’s plight was thrust into the spotlight over the past few weeks, when her mother discovered that she was at or near the bottom of potential patients to receive a modified pair of adult lungs — even though she had only weeks to live without a transplant and a 12-year-old girl in the same medical situation would have been at the very top of the list.

A petition that circulated in Sarah’s behalf said in part, “[S]he has only a week or two before she will lose her battle. If she were two years older, she would have a high probability of receiving lungs in time.”

The case received attention at the highest level when US Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified in front of a Congressional panel that she wouldn’t intervene to move the 10-year-old higher on the list.

But the final answer came from Federal Judge Michael Baylson who issued a restraining order against Sebelius to keep her from enforcing the rule that kept Sarah Murnaghan at the bottom of the adult organ transplant list.

The lung transplant surgery that the 10-year-old is undergoing right now is her best chance to live beyond a few more weeks.

We’ll keep you updated on Sarah Murnaghan’s condition.

[Sarah Murnaghan photo by Janet Murnaghan via Facebook]