HGTV Apologizes After American Flag Tablecloth Outrage

HGTV’s American flag tablecloth suggestion ruffled a lot of feathers, and the home improvement network has apologized for offending a large number of Facebook and Twitter users with its website suggestion that the American flag be used as a “table runner” for July 4 barbecues before it is displayed on a flagpole.

The HGTV American flag tablecloth controversy unfolded like many on social media, with users flocking to the network’s Facebook and Twitter pages to protest a clear violation of flag code, stating that American flags should never be used as decoration. (Or, we extrapolate, to protect tables from errant splashes of dip and chip crumbs.)

HGTV’s American flag tablecloth post was widely shared as users railed against the clear disrespect of the flag shown in the flippant suggestion, labeling the usage an “unconventional table linen,” much to the chagrin of many Americans.

Late this morning, HGTV issued the following apology on its Facebook page for the oversight, saying in a post:

“HGTV Fans, regarding the recent article that appeared on our website … This was a regrettable use of our flag and it never should have happened. We sincerely apologize and have removed the post from our website. We want to assure our fans that HGTV is proud of the American flag and everything it symbolizes for our people.”

While HGTV has removed the post, some viewers are still questioning the judgment of the site’s web content creators, and one user commented:

“It seems like HGTV is apologizing a lot lately for their social media posts. Seems like it’s time to get rid if whatever intern you have making those posts and let someone more professional handle your public page.”

Others were more forgiving:

“It’s a cute idea to have a table cloth that looks like an American Flag but using the actual flag is not. Thank you for the apology.”

And one reasonable user clarified the debate over HGTV’s American flag tablecloth and whether concern was warranted:

“There is a distinct difference between using elements of the flag design in clothing and using an actual American flag as a tablecloth. There are actual guidelines regarding it’s care & handling. I didn’t see the item in question, but I’d have thought they’d have known better.”

What did you think of HGTV’s American flag tablecloth controversy?