Free Dental Care for Californian Jobless

Joshua Ely

Over 2,000 low-income or jobless Californians received free dental care courtesy of the California Dental Association. The event held in May, called "CDA Cares" was designed to impact

Those Californian jobless that sought care waited in line for hours on end. 2009 saw state dental programs severely cut, leaving low income and unemployed without insurance. This began a harsh cycle for those who wished to find work. Californian state government states that it will work in order to restore dental programs for financially disadvantaged adults.

As many Californian jobless have found, poor teeth often put off potential employers, regardless of actual possessed job skills. Employers often make snap judgements based purely upon appearances. Popular culture portrays unscrupulous people as having missing teeth, and perceptions can actively block out whatever positive qualities are presented in a job search. The overall poor health of those with poor teeth can also cause employers to question health insurance prospects. Poor teeth are linked to heart disease and diabetes.

Lack of access to dental care also affects some 47 million Americans, according to the government. Those with low income will find it twice as difficult to receive even annual care, stated a 2008 Kaiser Family Foundation Study.

The CDA Cares Program, offering free dental care for the first time in San Jose, works off of volunteer aid. Still, cost $500,000 to run. Donations helped to cover the costs. Some 150 dental chairs were used at the clinic.

A 2006 study linked jobless persons who had dental intervention with a improved job search experience. The results of the study should come as good news to the Californian jobless who rely on the benefits of programs like CDA Cares. Those interviewed at the clinic were thankful for the care they received, and recognized that improved teeth could help them stand out in the workplace.

Do you think jobless with poor teeth should be judged by their appearances on a job search?

[Image Via CDA Cares Facebook]