Dobbin Explosion: Three Critically Injured

The Dobbin explosion has left three critically injured. A leak from a propane tank is suspected of causing the violent blast. The Texas home was a completely destroyed.

Three people were inside the home at the time of the explosion, including an 8-month-old infant. Lena Mock Knight, age 65, Jennifer Mock, age 58, and Jennifer’s grandson Wyatt Smith are all listed in critical condition. Authorities report that all three are suffering from burns and injuries related to the explosion.

As reported by the Associated Press, The Montgomery County Fire Marshal investigators believe a propane tank is to blame. A family member explained that a recently filled propane tank appears to have completely leaked, causing the Dobbin explosion. Residents up to 20 miles away felt the powerful blast.

The terrible explosion left a debris field of over 300 feet. Neighboring homes and business were damaged as windows were “blown out” and flying debris crashed into vehicles and buildings. A refrigerator reportedly blasted into the air “like a rocket.” It eventually landed on, and smashed, a car.

Neighbors report finding debris up to a mile away from the Dobbin explosion.

As reported by The Eagle, propane tanks are commonly used by residents of rural Dobbin. Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams explains:

“In a city like College Station or Bryan, you have a natural gas system, and it’s piped into your home … The only difference here in the country is that you don’t have those types of systems, so each individual home has its own tank and its own plumbing in the house.”

Debris From Explosion

Dobbin residents were frightened by the explosion, which reportedly sounded like a bomb. As reported by News Max, neighbor Nikki Pollard thought that “we were going to war.” She explains that her home received extensive damage. Every window in her home was broken, including the metal frames. She also stated that the blast blew numerous objects from her shelves, walls, and counter tops.

The Dobbin explosion was massive and destructive. Amazingly, all three residents of the home made it out alive. Residents of Dobbin are still sifting through the debris. The unexpected and violent blast is not something they will soon forget.

[Images via Wikimedia and Facebook]