Johnny Depp Could Potentially Earn $95 Million For Pirates Of The Caribbean 5

Johnny Depp is starring in Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, and a new rumor suggests that his contract could pay out a whopping $95 million.

Sure, Depp was rumored to be earning upwards of $75 million from On Stranger Times, and that didn’t happen, but there is still the potential that he could rack up a ton of cash for the new film.

So how would Depp earn that cash? According to the The Sun,he will receive a portion of the movies gross returns alongside a massive payday just for appearing.

If Johnny Depp earns $95 million and he spends the same amount of time working on Pirates of the Caribbean 5 as he did on the last film, he’s earn $896,000 per day, $75,000 per hour, and $1,245 per minute. Forget an hourly paycheck: Depp would earn $20.75 per second.

First Showing points out that the average salary in the US in 2010 was $40,584. That means Johnny Depp would take home the average salary for Americans in just 32 minutes.

While Johnny Depp might not actually earn $95 million upfront, he’ll likely continue to earn millions from the franchise. Depp has already earned more than $350 million from his movie work, which includes four Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Even if Depp doesn’t earn $95 million, half that amount would still mean he earns in one hour what the average worker earns in a full year of 40 hour work weeks. And let’s be honest: Most of those workers are putting in plenty of overtime to earn their $40,584 paychecks.

Disney has earned billions from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and, if it takes $95 million to keep Johnny Depp happy and coming back, it will probably happen. After all, Johnny Depp IS the franchise.

Such a high payday isn’t unheard of. Bruce Willis reportedly accepted a gross sales deal for his work on The Sixth Sense, and that deal is believed to have netted the actor more than $100 million to date.

Do you think Johnny Depp deserves to make the massive payday for his work on the popular franchise?