Sinkhole At Rangers Ballpark Forces Team To Cancel Batting Practice

A sinkhole at the Rangers ballpark in Texas made it a little difficult for players to concentrate on batting practice.

According to ABC, a small sinkhole opened up behind the mound at the Texas ballpark early on Tuesday morning. The Cleveland Indians and the Texas Rangers were both scheduled to take batting practice on the field but practice had to be canceled to give maintenance crews a chance to fix the problem.

NBC reports that a busted pipe under the field created the mini sinkhole. Crew workers had to dig down three feet to get to the pipe and fix the problem.

The Indians were on an eight-game losing streak heading into their game tonight, and manager Terry Francona joked about creating the sinkhole at the ballpark on purpose. Francona referenced a scene in the movie Bull Durham where Kevin Costner purposefully floods a field in order to get a break from losing.

Francona said: “I didn’t do it … We’re not there yet. We’re frustrated, but we’re not there.”

The Indians and the Rangers would eventually take the field for their game at Rangers stadium and the Indians, for the first time in a long time, would come out on top. The Indians beat the Rangers 5-2.

Here’s a look at the sinkhole at the Rangers ballpark today.