Rufus Wainwright says 50 Cent is gay

Singer Rufus Wainwright did an interview with Details this month in which he says hip-hip badass and multiple gunshot victim 50 Cent pings his gaydar.

Wainwright, who has been openly gay since he was a teenager, says the rapper is welcome to come out and be a baby gay with him and his boyfriend. Wainwright first mentions Fitty in a question about modern pop culture. He involves the rapper out of the blue, saying:

And I love, love 50 Cent. I think he’s just the sexiest, and a brilliant writer. And I know he’s gay…

When pressed about why he’s so sure 50 Cent is a friend of Dorothy, Wainwright simply elaborates:

That cute little voice of his. It’s okay, 50 Cent. Feel free to call me anytime. My boyfriend and I are experts. You can come over for dinner. And maybe dessert.

It’s not really clear if Wainwright is just teasing or if he genuinely feels Fitty is closeted. Later in the interview, he addresses the issues with coming out and being famous:

It’s true, it’s tougher careerwise if you come out, but this is a human-rights issue, and it’s important to keep putting dents in it. It’s about two teenagers being beheaded for holding hands in Saudi Arabia. It’s bigger than someone’s music career.

In a 2004 MTV interview, 50 Cent indicated that he is not very supportive of gay people, and unapologetically throws down the (other) f-word.