Splinter Cell: Conviction freezing on Xbox 360, temporary fix inside

Stealthy, stabby action game Splinter Cell: Conviction was released today for Xbox 360, only to get launch day jitters. Earlier today, gamers began to complain that the game would freeze completely on the second level, prompting publisher Ubisoft to leap into action.

The company has now offered a temporary fix, though says it is working on a permanant patch. A member of Ubisoft’s tech team hopped on the Ubi forums to explain how to get your game working again, while you wait for the aforementioned update:

Steps to clear the system cache below.

1. Load to the Xbox 360 dashboard
2. Choose “System Settings”
3. Choose “Memory”
4. Highlight your hard drive
5. Press “Y” for device options
6. from here just choose to clear system cache

After going through the above process, people in this thread now seem to be playing without too much trouble. Bit of a disgrace that the game has been shipped in this state, obviously, but if you’re itching to play as Sam Fisher again, the guide above might be your only hope.

[Via Kotaku]