‘The Big Bang Theory’ : Cast Talks Show’s Success After Sixth Season

The Big Bang Theory went from being a show with promise to a must-watch hit over the span of it’s six seasons to date. Before winning several awards at the Critics Choice Television Awards on Monday evening, the cast talked about the show’s success over the years.

Seven key members of the cast, along with executive producer Steven Molaro and director Mark Cendrowksi, sat down with the Los Angeles Times to have a few laughs and discuss the CBS classic.

Johnny Galecki, who plays the popular character Leonard, noted how the show rose to fame after a slow start.

“You know, we’ve always been a word-of-mouth show,” he said during the interview. “Early on, it was friends telling friends, ‘This might not sound like something you’d be into, but you should give it a shot.’ ”

Kaley Cuoco, who plays Leonard’s shy girlfriend Penny, talked about how the award-winning hit has changed her life.

“When you’re in people’s homes 10 times a day, they get comfortable around you,” she explained before Galecki jumped back in which led to even more laughs from The Big Bang Theory cast.

Simon Hedberg plays as Howard, the mama’s boy who fans can’t get enough of, and he added that it’s become a show for everyone.

“The other thing with the syndication is we’re on at dinner time, and I think that’s a big thing,” Hedberg said. “People tell me about going home, cooking dinner and watching the show. Kids, families … everybody sits around the dinner table …”

Galecki eventually joined back in and explained how the character’s personalities have affected their lives when approached by fans.

“They all have this sweet vulnerability, so, in turn, people are really sweet to us when they approach us. It’s almost like they want to take us home,” he added. Jim Parsons, who plays the lead character Sheldon, agreed to his co-stars’ comment by saying, “It’s true. People are very nice to us.”

Do you believe The Big Bang Theory will gain even more popularity after its success at the Critics Choice Awards and the anticipation for the seventh season?