WATCH: Soccer Player Tosses Stray Dog Into Fence, Gets Red Card

Robert Jonathan - Author

Jul. 13 2013, Updated 5:51 p.m. ET

An Argentinian soccer player grabbed a dog by the neck and tossed it into a fence after the the canine ran out on the field during a game. See embed below.

This inhumane act prompted a near-brawl when he was confronted by dog lovers on the other team (San Juan), and fans also started throwing stuff at him. The player, identified as Enzo Jose Jimenez of the Bella Vista in an Argentinian lower league, was given a red card by referee and then himself tossed out of the game. Apparently his squad was losing the game by one goal at the time.

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It appears that the player was trying to toss the animal over the fence but his aim was off the mark. The poor technique or lack of upper body strength doesn’t excuse the way he treated the dog, however. “Jimenez doesn’t appear to have the strength in arms as he does when kicking a soccer ball — the dog slammed into the fence and bounced back with a thud as shocked spectators looked on. Luckily, the dog immediately bounced up and sprinted away from its attacker.”

The Yardbarker website sums up what happened during the soccer game: “…there are few things more enjoyable than when a happy-go-lucky dog interrupts a sporting event to frolic around on the field of play (it happens more than you’d think) but, unfortunately for one poor dog who recently found his way onto a soccer pitch, Argentinian soccer player Enzo Jose Jimenez doesn’t feel the same way. Jimenez wasn’t too pleased when a pup interrupted play with his team down a goal in a recent match, so he responded by picking the dog up by its neck and throwing it off the field … straight into a fence.”

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Do you think that the dog-tossing soccer player should or will face charges for animal cruelty in this incident?

[image credit: markbarnes]


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