6 celebs on the hunt for nasal gold

There are some things that you just don’t do in polite company or even in private (yuck) and going for the gold up one’s nasal passages has to rank right up there. I mean seriously would you wipe your ass in public? No? then please keep what is up your nose .. well .. up your nose – if not at least use a damn kleenex.

Too bad these celebs couldn’t keep their fingers out of where they don’t belong.

Pamela Andersondig baby dig.

Ed Westwickand so dapper to.

Nicky HiltonI wonder if she is share via phone.

Tom Cruiseproving no mission is impossible.

Michael Keatonsome sort of new dressing for his meal maybe.

Steve Cooganat least he’s looking cool with the shades.

thanks (I think) to the crew at Pop Crunch for unleashing this fab info