June 16, 2013
Free HTC ChaCha Arriving In UK Phones 4u Locations: Two Year Contract Required

The HTC ChaCha with it's dedicated Facebook button and 2.6-inch display was too much for many users to swallow when it was only available off contract in the UK for £249.99, thankfully Phones 4u is planning to rectify that situation.

The mobile devices outlet on June 2nd will begin offering the ChaCha for free on June 2nd with the signing of a two-year agreement.

Customers however who would rather pay for the device can expect to pay an inflated £299.95, that's £50 more than the device will go for on Amazon UK.

For the price (or lack of a price) users receive a device with an 800MHz processor, Android 2.3 and a QWERTY keyboard. Personally I believe you have to be a serious Facebook addict to find value in the device or really hate typing on a virtual keyboard.