George Zimmerman Weight Gain Punishment Enough For Trayvon Killing, Fox Host Says

As the Trayvon Martin case heads to trial, George Zimmerman faces jail if convicted on second-degree murder charges — but Fox News host Gregg Jarrett says that the shooter has “already been punished” for the killing because he put on weight while in prison.

Jarrett made the comments yesterday on Fox News as the network covered jury selection in the Trayvon Martin trial opining that George Zimmerman “has already been punished” and that the defendant “looks like he’s put on a hundred pounds.”

Alongside co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jarrett continued along the bizarre tangent, expressing sympathy for the ordeal endured by Zimmerman since he shot Trayvon Martin in April of 2012.

Jarrett began:

“He does look like a different guy … It looks like he’s put on a hundred pounds. Look, he has been in hiding and he fears for his life, and there have been all kinds of death threats. And, you know, he can’t go anywhere, can’t get out and get exercise.”

Guilfoyle chimed in, adding that the defendant is “probably suffering from stress and anxiety,” to which Jarrett added:

“You eat when you’re under stress and pressure and stuff like that … So, you know, he’s already been punished to some extent. We’ll wait and see whether a jury punishes him further.”

Guilfoyle added:

“This is an individual that was trying to do some civic duty by being on the community watch … That was the purpose of why he was there that night.”

Jarrett left the “fat” tangent behind, concurring that Zimmerman had, in his estimation, likely been out there that night with the intent of preventing crime when Martin was gunned down:

“Sure, let’s not forget there’s a reason for a community watch … Because that’s a community with a need for a watch. Because they’d had problems like this in the past.”

Do you think George Zimmerman deserves a harsher punishment than weight gain for the killing of Trayvon Martin?