‘Mario Kart 8’ Announced At E3 2013

Mario Kart 8 has been announced at E3 2013 and looks set to defy all laws of gravity thanks to some interesting new in-game features.

Although the new game won’t be released in time for October 2013, as previously reported, it certainly looks to be worth the wait.

Nintendo has continuously been pushing at the edges of design in an attempt to offer weird and wonderful racing stages to this popular franchise.

Despite the various wacky, crazy and often extreme layouts that gamers have had to deal with, Nintendo has always been held back from truly innovative racing aspects.

However, that is all set to change thanks to Mario Kart 8’s anti-gravity racing tracks.

Now gamers will never have to be limited to just using the road to race into first place.

Not only will Mario Kart 8 players be able to race along walls and upside down, they will also be able to command the all new hover kart.

In addition to this, the motorbikes last seen in Mario Kart Wii will finally make a reappearance.

To truly offset these new karts/bikes the gameplay has stepped up and now offers even more crisp, quick and clean road controls.

Some fans might be surprised at just how far the multi-tiered power sliding, speed and road transaction has come since Mario Kart 7.

Although there is a lot of new features to redefine the franchise, Mario Kart 8 will keep true to its much loved karting formula, from side paths to twisting and turning hidden roads, the all new racing world promises to keep everything that makes it great.

By Nintendo marrying new with the old in the new Mario Kart installment, gamers will be reminded that the franchise still has a lot to offer and is nowhere near running out of ideas.

With all this packed into one game, it’s no wonder that the Mario Kart series was voted in the top 50 video game series.

It isn’t very often that game designers manage to break outside the box and keep a series of one game going for so long and so successfully, but Nintendo appear to have done it.

However, with the wait of Spring 2014 for the release of Mario Kart 8, anything could happen to change this initial opinion.

[Image Via Fantendo]