June 16, 2013
Netflix Ups Device Limit For Streaming From Six to 50

Until just now, it was pretty easy for a family to top out Netflix's device limit of six with just a few iPhones, a Roku player and a Wii.

Now unless you're the Duggars, that circumstance is a lot less likely. A 50 device limit seems very reasonable and difficult to breach even for a very connected household, but Consumerist points out it probably won't stop people from trying:

One can only imagine that there are some out there who respond to Netflix's 50-device limit with a Barney Stinson-like "challenge accepted" and try to find 51 ways to stream Netflix with stuff they've got around the house, just to find something to complain about.
Do you use Netflix streaming on six devices or more? Have you run up against the limit in the past and felt frustrated? With the new, higher thresholds, will you be adding more devices that stream Netflix in your household?

[High Def Digest via Consumerist]