Batman: Arkham City Gameplay Demonstration Shows Catwoman

Rocksteady's big reveal for Batman: Arkham City at E3 2011 was the confirmation of the frisky Catwoman being playable in the game. In addition to the dark knight himself, of course.

Geoff Keighley from GameTrailers had Batman: Arkham City game director Sefton Hill stop by to talk a little bit about Catwoman and the game itself. Sefton shows off a brief gameplay segment involving Catwoman and explains the differences in gameplay between the two characters.

After getting a brief glimpse of Catwoman, the video shows off some of Arkham City's open world gameplay, with Batman gliding his way around the sprawling city and dropping in on unsuspecting enemies for a little 'friendly' interrogation.

Batman: Arkham Asylum shocked us all back in 2009 when it delivered something we all thought to be impossible: a truly good Batman game. It goes without saying, then, that the pressure is just a bit high for Rocksteady to do the first game justice in the sequel. Going by what we see in this video, it looks like there's nothing to worry about.