Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden Nabbed With Weed In Hotel Room [Report]

Joel Madden has been busted with weed in his hotel room in Sydney, multiple entertainment publications have reported.

Madden, the frontman of Good Charlotte, has been staying in Australia while he acts as a coach on the nation’s version of The Voice. He was reportedly kicked out of his hotel room after police seized a “small amount of plant matter believed to be cannabis” on Sunday night.

The weed was discovered by a cleaning woman on Sunday afternoon. After discovery, she alerted the authorities. Police then executed a search warrant at 10:30pm, but have not yet brought up the 34-year-old on charges just yet.

Still, he reportedly was asked to leave his Darling Hotel suite, where he has been staying for the past few months.

The amount of weed Madden allegedly had was 5 grams, which is well under New South Wales law recommendations (only cautionary action should be taken against offenders with less than 15 grams in their possession).

That’s probably why he hasn’t bee brought up on charges, but the manager of the hotel is well within his rights to kick Madden out for the smallest offense. He told TMZ, “in Australia, there is zero tolerance for this no matter where you are.”

Another hotel spokesman said that Madden’s celebrity status would not preclude his being kicked out. It’s just company policy to eject guests found to be in possession of illegal substances.

“He was not afforded any special treatment, and he’s moved out,” the hotel official said.

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[Image via: s_bukley / Shutterstock]