'Let's Date' Naked Text Pic Sent To Mom's Facebook Inbox By Angry Date

Kim LaCapria

A Let's Date user's unwanted naked date photo was sent to his mom by a fellow user, after the female recipient of the penis out of nowhere became frustrated at her chat partner's disrespectful saucy image share.

The Let's Date naked text photo to mom scandal broke on Tumblr, but the woman in question deleted her tumblog soon after the salacious chat exchange hit the internet.

In a world where "revenge porn" is a big and real fear, the naked text pic mom scandal is a bit more hard to parse. On one hand, it is terrifying to consider a spurned partner involving your parents or friends (easily found via Facebook) in a sexting spat -- but on the other, degrees of sexual assault using digital media are far easier to achieve, and the woman's actions are not totally hard to understand. (However, it could be argued that in her protestation of a non-consensual act, she committed a similarly non-consensual act upon her would-be date's mother, an uninvolved party.)

Here's how it went down. Tumblr and Let's Date user aheartbeatchanged (her Tumblr handle) had been text chatting a young man named Trevor outside of the Let's Date app after the pair met on the service.

If you're female and use the internet, what happened next is probably no surprise. Trevor hit up the woman, first name unknown, to ask how her day was going and then to ask if there was rain on Long Island... and then inexplicably, he followed up those two reply-less questions with a clear shot of his dangle, face included.

Sexting has a time and a place, but if aheartbeatchanged's account is unaltered, it's the kind of stuff women have to put up with all the time now that flashing is a simple matter of hitting send, and kind of annoying to even watch.

The woman replies in irritation, at which point the guy might have graciously accepted the naked date photo did not go over well with his new friend -- but of course, he began to insult her and brag about his endowments, further enraging the chick.

The Daily Dot quotes the exchange:

"[Her] I don't need to be disrespected by someone I don't even know... [Trevor] Relax... It's only my c**k."

She tells him not to text her again after the naked date photo debacle, and he again asks if it's "too big," before calling her a "prude" and adding "no wonder you're single."

She then explains that she has found him on Facebook and plans to send naked date photo to his mom, and Trevor explains that her actions are "not right" and begs her not to send the photo -- but she says she did it anyway, and explained he "deserved" to have that "uncomfortable" conversation with his mom.

Later, the woman reports, Trevor added:

"If you had/get some good d*** (which you obviously haven't/don't) you wouldn't be such a grammar nazi and prude."

Let's Date has been forced to comment on the naked date photo mom post, adding that image sending capability is not part of the app -- and we strongly hope that this isn't due to the propensity for people to send unwanted genital photos.