Alexander Skarsgard Dating Ellen Page [Report]

Rumor has it True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard is dating Juno actress Ellen Page.

It is often said that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and a tweeted image from director Zal Batmanglij is certainly worth its share in gossip.

The photo, which shows Skarsgard kissing a blissful Page on the head, was taken on the set of the soon-to-be-released film The East, has definitely gotten the rumor mill churning this week, with rumors that it might signal a budding romantic relationship between the flick’s two leads.

Add the latest photo to a string of snaps showing the two looking chummy at hockey games, the airport and the red carpet, and you’ve got everyone wondering what is going on between these two.

“This reminds me of shooting,” Batmanglij writes with the photo. “When we’d lie in the grass listening to Toby practice [Zal’s Vampire Weekend-fronting brother] Rostam’s piano piece. #TheEast.”

Page retweeted the photo, joking that they were having a “Canadian tuxedo party,” referring to the possible-couple’s denim attire.

So is it a real relationship, or a great PR move for the film? So far it’s just gossip, with the Daily Mailmusing that the two “looked more in love than ever” as their “romance seems to be going from strength to strength.”

However, a source tells People that 36-year-old Skarsgard is just friends with 26-year-old Page. The actress herself suggested that even if she was in a relationship, it’s not something she wants to share with the media.

“I want to be very private. Also because it’s for the work. I mean, your job is to create an illusion, you know?” she said.

What do you think of Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page? Do they make a cute couple, or do you think they’re just friends?