Shia LaBeouf Issued NSA Warning In 2008 [Video]

Dan Evon

Long before Edward Snowden, Shia LaBeouf was warning people about the NSA.

The actor appeared on The Tonight Show back in 2008 to promote his movie Eagle Eye and told Jay Leno that the government was recording 20 percent of the phone calls made in the United States.

LaBeouf said that he talked to an FBI consultant before filming the movie and that he was told about the hidden powers of the government.

The actor said: "I remember talking to an FBI consultant telling me that they can use your AT&T microphone to get the stuff going on in your house. Or that they can use OnStar to shut your car down. He told me that 1 in 5 calls which you mare are recorded and logged."

LaBeouf said that he didn't believe the consultant at first but then he was given proof. The consultant reportedly played back a phone conservation that the government had recorded two years prior.

The actor said: "I laughed at him. But then he played back a phone conversation I had two years prior about joining the movie."

Here's the video of Shia LaBeouf issuing his NSA warning back in 2008.

The NSA's surveillance program was made public in 2006, so it isn't completely surprising that Shia LaBeouf was worried about people recording his conversations. Still, maybe American should start watching the movie Eagle Eye as if it were a documentary.