Swedish Princess Madeleine’s Wedding Registry Supposedly Posted Online

Princess Madeleine of Sweden, 30, is now married to hedge fund Manhattan banker Christopher O’Neill, 38. If you just can’t get enough of royal weddings, maybe you’d like a few more insider details of the wedding in Stockholm that reportedly included as many as 600 royal, celebrity, and filthy rich guests.

I have already posted the basics about the world’s newest royal wedding, including a short video.

The Swedish royal family has posted the official wedding pictures by photographer Ewa-Marie Rundquist. She took the romantic but traditional pictures outside the Bernadotte Library wing of the royal place.

On the royal website, there’s also an engagement interview from 2012 with Princess Madeleine and then-fiancé O’Neill to give you a peek into their private life. It turns out that O’Neill isn’t particularly good at speaking Swedish, but he managed to do the right thing and ask the King’s permission to marry his daughter anyway.

According to MyRegistry.Com, the couple posted their wedding registry on that website. Oh boy. I don’t know about this one.

The tacky factor of a hedge fund multimillionaire and a princess posting a list of gifts they’d like to receive is pretty out there, if you ask me.

The Huffington Postpublished a list of items that were reportedly on the registry. Apparently, if you’re a big ole Manhattan banker, you still need help buying a $599 KitchenAid Pro Line® Dicing Food Processor.

And if you’re too cheap to splash out that much on a gift for a princess, you could always purchase a $50 drinking glass with silver trim.


You can take it up with MyRegistry.com and HuffPost but I’m wondering if this listing could be a classic celebrity hoax.

What do you think? Would the real Swedish Princess Madeleine post a gift registry asking for that stuff?

Because if she did, Princess Madeleine gets my vote for tackiest person of the week.

Princess Madeleine

[engagement and wedding photos Christopher O’Neill and Princess Madeleine via Swedish royal family]