‘The Last Of Us’ Launch Trailer Hits [Video]

The Last of Us has just landed a launch trailer!

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is that zombie game you probably didn’t know you wanted for the PlayStation 3. It takes a hero who literally just got promoted to caretaker for a teenage girl, and launches him into basically a suicide mission where everyone he meets will try to kill and/or eat him and his liege. Joel is presented with the mission of ensuring the safety of Ellie as they trek across the zombie and cannibal-ridden ruins of the city to find shelter with a small resistance group, escaping the strict military safety zone. The Last of Us boasts enemy AI that reacts intelligently to what you do, so you have to think your way through it.

Receiving early reviews all around nine or above out of ten as previously reported by The Inquisitr, the critics are saying you should probably just order The Last of Us right now or head to your local game store and grab a copy. PlayStation 3 owners should not be disappointed.

The launch trailer below for The Last of Us begins with a slow zooming shot of an abandoned street already terrorized by the game’s inhabitants. Plant growth has overtaken the landscape as nobody can be seen for miles. Traffic is just as dead as the city’s normal human citizens as even the road to St. Mary’s Hospital is blocked with traffic that’s been sitting for a while, including an ambulance.

Enter Joel, with a shotgun strapped to his back as he makes his weary way through the wreckage of society. Ellie follows closely after him as a female voice-over starts in, “We won’t get another shot at this. I want Joel to watch over her.”

Joel quickly explains the situation to Ellie, “We ain’t talkin’ about some walk in the park here.”

We then see the two of them setting something up, Joel pulling down hard on a rope as Ellie says, “They’re coming.”

Joel replies, “I know!”

The Last of Us hits stores this Friday for the PlayStation 3.

Are you excited to play The Last of Us? What do you think of the launch trailer?