NC Motel Deaths Update, Pool Fumes Suspected In Boy’s Death

Three NC motel deaths have sparked an investigation into a single room, one that has seen three of its guests die in two months — including an 11-year-old boy.

The NC motel deaths occurred in the Best Western hotel on East King Street in Boone, with the latest incident occurring over the weekend and involving the boy and his 49-year-old mother. Jeannie Williams and son Jeffrey were found unresponsive in the room, and it was later confirmed that in April an elderly coupled passed away in the same spot.

Jeannie Williams reportedly woke up from a coma Sunday and is listed in stable condition after the incident but was not initially informed of her son’s passing.

Local police confirm the three N.C motel deaths, and Boone Police Sgt. Shane Robbins admits that the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the strange incidents is in the early stages.

Robbins says: “It was actually the same room … But other than that, at this time, we don’t have any more links or correlation.”

However, it seems the investigation into the NC motel deaths is centering upon the swimming pool under the room in which the three died in two separate instances, and initial testing may have discovered a presence of deadly odorless carbon monoxide in the room in which Williams died Saturday.

A local CBS affiliate reports:

“During the emergency medical response, a presumptive test indicated an elevated level of carbon monoxide in the room. The hotel was evacuated and assistance was requested from North Carolina Emergency Management and the North Carolina Public Health Preparedness and Response Branch … Samples from Williams were sent to the Office of the State Medical Examiner for toxicological analysis. Those results are pending.”

The CBS update on the NC motel deaths cites a March N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources report regarding the pool’s permit, noting that in part a ventilation system “needs to be corrected ASAP.” The elderly couple found dead in the room were initially believed to have died of cardiac causes.