PETA Debuts ‘Cage Fight’ Video Game To Help Battle Animal Abuse

PETA hopes you’re down for a Cage Fight.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently unveiled an 8-bit brawler designed to draw attention to animal abuse. In the game, players help battle this problem by fighting animal experimenters and rescuing their laboratory subjects.

PETA’s Cage Fight is populated with real-life MMA fights. Players can choose between Aaron Simpson, Georgi Karakhanyan, and Jake Shields before taking the fight to the people who abuse animals. All three mixed martial artists are PETA supporters.

“‘Cage Fight’ doesn’t just show you how animals suffer in laboratories — it gives you the chance to combat cruel animal experimenters, both in the game and in real life,” PETA’s Joel Bartlett said in a statement.

He continued, “While you’re pummeling sadistic experimenters with MMA fighters’ fists in the game, you can use PETA’s website to fire off protest letters to real-world institutions that cage, poison, and kill animals.”

Cage Fight: Knock Out Animal Abuse strongly resembles the sort of brawlers that once populated the Nintendo Entertainment System. In fact, the game itself appears to have been modeled after fan favorite River City Ransom. For a web-based game with an agenda, it’s actually not that bad.

Of course, this isn’t the first time PETA has ventured into the world of gaming to get its message across. The organization previously released such browser-based titles as Pokemon Black & Blue: Gotta Free ‘Em All, Super Chick Sisters, and Mario Kills Tanooki.

If you’re curious to check out Cage Fight for yourself, then be sure to swing by the official PETA website. Alternatively, you can check out a smaller version embedded below. It’s a solid way to waste about 15 minutes when you should be doing other things.