Kylie Jenner Sets The Web On Fire With Her SUV

Kylie Jenner, the 15-year-old teen icon and brand ambassador for Seventeen magazine, has caused a buzz on the web recently with the story that emerged about her “SUV’s spa day.” The teen star isn’t even old enough to drive alone according to state law and must be accompanied by an adult holding a valid driving license over the age of 18.

The teen star, despite her age, is already cruising in a $125,00 Mercedes-Benz SUV. She reportedly took her beloved car for a special “Spa day” at a local car wash tweeting a picture of the black SUV along with the caption: “Giving the G wagon a spa day!”

Kylie Jenner, the aspiring young model and reality TV star was thrilled when she got her car back a few days after she took it to the shop for a makeover and matting paint job and posted a photo to her Instagram thanking the company stating:

“Thank you @spinimaging for matting my G!! I can’t stop staring at it!’

The Twittersphere is abuzz with both praise and criticism for the young celebrity, who turns sweet 16 in August. The Daily Mail website has some great viewer comments at the bottom of their post. The post discusses Jenner’s tweeting habits noting that she has tweeted numerous times over the last year about the Céline luggage-mini purses she received for Christmas and about her manicures. reports more on her relationship with the car, discussing it’s price and offering more tweets from Kylie Jenner talking about how much she loves ‘Her’ (she refers in one tweet to the SUV as ‘Her). There is also some lively debate on in the comments section discussing whether or not it is good for such a young girl to be driving such an expensive (and big!) car.

Everyone has an opinion on this one. Did Kylie Jenner (or her parents) go too far by buying such an extravagant and expensive car? Does it send the wrong message out to kids who see her as a role model? Post your comments below.