Infant Superglue Saves Baby With Aneurysm

Infant superglue was used to save a baby with an aneurysm.

Ashlyn Julian was born healthy, but, after 20 days, mother Gina Julian says her infant’s behavior told them something was wrong:

“We (went) from a baby that was very quiet to a baby that was screaming all the time and throwing up, and at that point we knew something was very wrong.”

Emergency room doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City decided to do an ultrasound, but “[t]he ultrasound was as far as we made it because they saw something in her head at that point in time.” What doctors discovered an aneurysm the size of an almond wedged in the baby’s brain.

Koji Ebersole, an endovascular neurosurgeon, says “this was not a textbook case” since normally they would have opened up the skull. But since this was a baby they decided to use infant superglue designed for surgery. They inserted a micro-catheter into Ashlyn’s neck to reach the ruptured aneurysm. Using a micro-wire they deposited a drop of infant superglue onto the bleeding aneurysm.

Dr. Koji Ebersole says this is the first time infant superglue has been used in this manner:

“The first time that super glue has been used to fix a baby who is so young — superglue alone — I think it’s the first time. We thinned the baby’s blood so she would make clots on top of our instruments, which is risky because you don’t want to thin the blood in the setting of a bleeding aneurysm, but we were going all or nothing at that point and I thought we could get it done.”

The superglue baby will be released from the hospital next week after doctors are sure the fluids from the aneurysm have drained.