Diabetes, The Videogame

Say hello to Didget, the Nintendo DS game that gets children to DRAW BLOOD FROM THEIR OWN BODIES. Some explanation is probably in order.

Didget is designed to help kids with diabetes, by taking the terror away from the needles that are a part of every diabetic’s daily life. It consists of an adventure game called Knock ’em Downs World’s Fair, and the first glucose meter that plugs directly into a game console.

Where’s the link between the two? Well, for every glucose level reading the meter takes, “points” are awarded that can be used in Knock ’em Downs World’s Fair. The meter simply plugs into a Nintendo DS, and players are rewarded with in-game perks for completing a prescribed number of tests each day.

How heartening to see games being put to such a use. Didget hits the U.S. next month.

[Via Yahoo! Games]