November 12, 2016
Entenmann's Becomes Latest Twitter Trending Topics Marketing Casualty

We've seen companies incur a lot of media ire by insensitively using Twitter's trending topics feature to grab more eyes for their tweets- Habitat UK and Kenneth Cole spring to mind in this regard.

However, by now we should all probably realize that if you're tweeting on behalf of your brand or company, it's probably best to research all ambiguous TTs before you attempt to boost your Twitter traffic by employing them. Take, for example, the brouhaha that occurred today around the Entenmann's bakery Twitter feed.

Sometimes the TTs are conversational and almost chat room-esque, like tonight's #youknowtheycheating. But earlier today, the hashtag #notguilty was in the top ten. And the Entenmann's social media manager, who apparently did not move the rock for the Casey Anthony verdict, utilized said TT for a lighthearted tweet about not feeling guilty for nomming their delicious baked goods. Whoops.

It seems to be an honest mistake- unlike the incidents linked above- and hopefully no one lost their job over it. But still, be aware that while tweets are meant to be quick reads, make sure you know what you're twittering. This could have been even more accidentally offensive.

Update: Entenmann's social media management agency, Likeable Media, has apologized again.