Ed Helms Signs Up For Comedy ‘Stretch’ With Chris Pine

The Office’s series finale sure isn’t slowing star Ed Helms down. The actor is currently on the new season of Arrested Development, and is in a slew of films. Besides The Hangover III, Helms has just signed on for a new comedy called Stretch.

Joe Carnahan, who’s directing the upcoming comedy is making this affair familiar. Stars Patrick Wilson and Chris Pine have both worked with the director. Wilson worked with Carnahan in The A-Team and Pine, of course worked with him on Smokin’ Aces’ before Star Trek catapulted him into stardom.

Not to be mistaken with the Stretch Armstrong film, Stretch stars “a down-on-his-luck chauffeur looking to relieve his debt by driving around a mysterious billionaire who drags him to hell and back.”

Helms plays one of the two largest roles in the comedy alongside Wilson and Pine. Helms was confirmed by Joe Carnahan himself via his Twitter account. On his account he posted a photo of Ed Helms with Patrick Wilson and Chris Pine during a dinner, with a caption that reads, “The boys of ‘STRETCH’ minus one more big addition…” There’s no word on who the big addition is, but if it’s as good as the rest of the cast we certainly can’t wait for another Twitter announcement.

The addition of Helms doesn’t come as a huge surprise. His last huge project aside from The Hangover III and The Office, is the reboot Vacation series, which has been creating buzz all over the internet. Despite this the film is currently on hold due to a ratings despute. Some people wanted the film to be a PG-13 comedy and others wanted it to be an R-rated film.

Before Helms films Stretch, audiences will get to see the actor in the comedy film We’re The Millers that sees him playing a husband to Jennifer Aniston’s stripper wife.

Looks like Ed Helms is really making the most of his time in the industry.