Bravo!: Microsoft Points changed for the better

All of us Xbox 360 owners have, at one time or another, found ourselves stuck with spare Microsoft Points after purchasing a game, dashboard theme, or avatar item. Annoying, right? Right!

Furthermore, we know who to blame: Microsoft. The company’s insistence on selling Microsoft Points in bundles that do not match up with prices of the online content is both crafty and frustrating.

Whereas games on Xbox Live Arcade always cost 400, 800, or 1,200 Microsoft Points, Microsoft sells its ‘currency’ in bundles of 500, or 2,100, or similarly obscure numbers. The logic is simple: people will find themselves with spare Points hanging around, and feel compelled to buy another game. It’s a little sneaky, though no doubt good for business.

But that’s now changed. From now (though in the U.S. only), Microsoft Points can be bought in far more consumer-friendly increments of 400, 800, and 1,200, which means no more Points left hanging around after you’ve purchased 500 Points to buy a 400 Point game. This in turn means no more nickel-and-diming of Xbox 360 owners.

People, today is a good day. My hat is off to you, Microsoft.

[Via press release]