Ringo Starr: 'The Beatles Could Have Reunited'

Niki Cruz

If the fates were different could The Beatles still be making sweet music together? That's exactly what drummer Ringo Starr thinks. Starr, who invaded the US with the late John Lennon, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney was recently asked if The Beatles had any chance of reuniting in present day. His answer? "I'd like to think, yes, we would."

Of course it goes without saying this can never happen due to the deaths of John Lennon and George Harrison. John Lennon was shot by fan obsessed Mark David Chapman in 1980 after the singer signed an autograph for his assailant. As for Harrison, he died in 2001 of lung cancer.

However, if they were still alive Ringo was pretty optimistic to believe that they would still be jamming together. This isn't the first time someone tried to pin a "what if" on The Beatles' hypothetical alternative future.

A slice into The Beatles' life was turned into a film in 2000. The VH1 film The Two Of Us flashed forwarded six years after the break-up of The Beatles. Directed by the man behind the 1970 music video for Let It Be, it sees John Lennon and Paul McCartney coming together for a reconciliation.

Although the film did not make any attempt to document what happened during the meeting that took place in Lennon's New York City apartment, it acted as a work of fiction that leaves the two men facing, perhaps, a different fate, specifically Lennon, who was killed a year later.

Ringo elaborated on how the reunion could have been in the cards based on simple facts of his old friends: "Paul still goes out with his band, I go out with mine and John would have probably been going out with his. George was not big on touring so I'm not sure about him. But who knows , it could have come together."

Would you have liked to see The Beatles together?