Man Stabs Dog, Thought It Was Possessed

A man stabbed a dog to death because he thought it was possessed.

Andrew Maynard may have been a little paranoid when he took a small edged weapon and proceeded to stab a dog to death. His reason, you may ask? Prosecutors say he did it because he thought the dog was possessed.

In a Chicago suburb, Andrew Maynard was held on Sunday on a $50,000 bail for a bout of extreme animal cruelty. The 18 year old resident of Elk Grove Village was arrested Saturday because witnesses had not come forward right away.

Andrew Maynard was apparently walking his father’s Shetland Sheepdog early in the morning on April 21 when the man fatally stabbed the dog to death. He had stabbed it twice in the neck with a kitchen knife, though it isn’t apparent why he had the kitchen knife with him when he was walking his father’s dog to the park that morning.

Assistant State’s Attorney Oscar Garcia said that Andrew Maynard had fatally wounded his father’s Shetland Sheepdog because he thought it was possessed, and his client admitted that he was on drugs at the time, and it may have been a bad hallucination that led to him stabbing the dog.

Apparently after the stabbing, Andrew Maynard had taken witnesses to the park to see the dog’s corpse, and the sight may have been such a shock that they were afraid to come forward immediately. Or perhaps they felt he had shown them the gruesome scene in confidence and they were temporarily honor-bound not to speak up, at least until they came to their senses. Either way, they hadn’t come forward until later, and when they did, it led to his arrest.

Andrew Maynard faces an aggravated cruelty to [animals] charge, which is a Class Four felony in the state of Illinois.

The lesson here is that if you’re on drugs, don’t take a kitchen knife with you when you walk the dog. Bad things can happen. Or better yet, just don’t do drugs.

What do you think of the man who stabbed a dog to death because he thought it was possessed?