Mirror’s Edge 2 Revealed By EA At E3 2013 [Video]

Mirror's Edge 2 Revealed By EA At E3 2013 [Video]

The EA Conference has just made thousands of gamers happy by revealing a trailer for Mirror’s Edge 2.

The original game that was released in 2008 was praised for its brightly colored graphics and smooth, fluid gameplay.

For a single-player first person action game, it ticked all the right boxes by introducing a wider range of movement than any other first person game. From sliding under barriers to wall running, this game added freedom of movement like never before.

Despite the wide acclaim Mirror’s Edge gained, it didn’t return as much revenue as first anticipated.

Nevertheless, the slow starter quickly generated many fans, who then had to suffer the endless rumours that surrounded if and when a second game would be released.

Many teasers for a follow-up flooded the Internet and got fans worked up into a frenzy.

Even when stories such as DICE stating that players were ready to get into Mirror’s Edge 2 presented themselves, there was then nothing solid to back it up.

It seemed the sequel was well and truly dead in the water when EA announced they had stopped the second installment due to a rejected prototype.

However, today fans have been given new hope by actually having a glimpse at Mirror’s Edge 2, which will be made by DICE and come to next generation consoles in 2014.

But it might not be worth getting too excited just yet as the EA conference did say “when it’s read,” meaning that there is no definite release date in sight.

Still, having seen solid proof that the second game is under way and looking as stunning as ever should be enough to keep fans happy for now.

The beautiful and unique graphics of the Mirror’s Edge series will return sharper than ever due to the next game being powered by Frostbite 3.

Now gamers can enjoy the return of Faith free running from the latest advancement in game engine technology.

Frostbite 3 has had several vital upgrades since its previous model, most notably improved tessellation technology and Destruction 4.0.

With such state of the art technology on hand for the creators of Mirror’s Edge 2, the new game promises to be bigger, better and faster than ever before.

[Image via VentureBeat]