If Gaians can only vote

Gaia Online has launched its monthly According to Teens Report, a monthly survey of Gaia members that will provide a regular update on the Generation Y perspective and here’s their take on the coming elections.

The virtual world’s election poll, a survey of more than 37,000 respondents, revealed that 72 percent of teens and young adults would like to see Barack Obama as the next president of the United States.

This year’s election was a natural fit for the launch of the According to Teens Report,” said Scott Kinzie, VP of creative and user experience at Gaia Online. “At Gaia Online we have the unique ability to tap millions of Gen Yers and we believe it’s imperative to understand what’s guiding the youth vote. With this new survey program we’re hoping to serve as a trusted source on all things teen, helping relevant parties better understand this often misunderstood generation.”

If only these teens and young adults leave Gaia Online for a few precious minutes and help in educating the real world of the importance of this election…