Seth Rogen Calls ‘The Green Hornet’ Failure A ‘Nightmare’

Sometimes when a box office buzzed about film fails upon theatrical release, it usually gets pushed under the rug never to be discussed again. However, that wasn’t the case for Seth Rogen. In a candid interview with Marc Maron, Seth Rogen wasn’t shy about talking about his colossal failure of The Green Hornet.

For those who don’t remember, Seth Rogen starred and wrote the Michel Gondry directed Green Hornet film. On a global and domestic scale the film was a failure, and it also didn’t impress critics either. During press for This Is The End, Rogen opened up about the whole experience, calling it “a dark time.” About that time, Rogen said:

“While we were making it, it was a f–king nightmare. And Gondry, the director, is wonderful at smaller scale stuff but I think he did not mesh well with [a blockbuster film]. It was his first movie with more than a $20 million dollar budget and this was $120 million dollar budget. And if there is one thing I look back on like, ‘What was the problem there?’ It was just the budget. ”

Rogen went on to say that he learned what does work best for him in the industry. According to Rogen, his films — such as Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, and 50/50 which were all successes and had much smaller budgets — made for a better fit in terms of quality.

Rogen said:

“It’s the ones where they leave us alone and we can do whatever we want, we’re in charge or our friends are in charge, and we are free to do whatever we want [that turn out the best]. ”

His current film This Is The End, which marks his directorial debut with writing partner Evan Goldberg, was shot for $31 million dollars. The film has received rave reviews for Rogen’s brand of comedy and hits theaters on Wednesday.

Will you be checking out This Is The End?