Google Preparing An iPad Killer Says CEO Eric Schmidt [Rumor]

Google, like myself, has accused Apple of making nothing more than a large iPhone via the iPad, while adding a few new OS features to let the device stand alone, now the companies CEO Eric Schmidt has confirmed (sort of) that Google is working on their own tablet to compete directly with the Apple iPad.

According to the New York Times Schmidt told a group of friends during a party in Los Angeles that Google was preparing their own tablet device. Given that Google has already been talking to various publishers about sending their products to the Android platform this new realization shouldn’t surprise anyone.

The Tablet is expected to run on an Android setup and not the Chrome OS, which is a bit odd considering that would make the tablet a really big Google Android device, much like the really big iPhone (iPad) device Google has been mocking.

Schmidt and Jobs recently met over coffee, I wonder if Schmidt slipped this tidbit of information into the conversation, considering Jobs didn’t punch him in the face I’ll have to say no. [Gizmodo]