Meizu MBook Clones Apple iPad, But Not The OS

The Meizu Mbook is a sleek looking device, which is what I’d expect considering it’s basically an iPad clone. The device features a slightly smaller 8.4 inch touchscreen with 1024 x 768 pixels of resolution and comes equipped with a 1.5GHz processor and 1080p high definition output with an included HDMI port (take that iPad!).

The iPad clone also offers WiFi, 3G and GPS capabilities, while offering a capacitive touchscreen. The measurements? 210 x 140 x 14mm, with what we’re told is 12 hours of battery life.

The OS should also be pretty competent with Google Android expected on the unit. No word yet on pricing for the Mbook, although an early 2011 street date is being rumored. [SlashGear]