Handcuffed Man Steals Police Cruiser

Jennifer Deutschmann

A handcuffed man stole a police cruiser, according to authorities in Pennsylvania. The man was reportedly handcuffed and seat-belted into the back seat.

Anthony Fox, age 26, was seated in the back of the cruiser as he was under arrest by the Pennsylvania State Police. At some point Fox was left alone in the car. The Smicksburg, Pennsylvania, man took the opportunity to make his escape.

As reported by NBC Philadelphia, Fox's hands were originally cuffed behind his back. Despite being restrained, the handcuffed man escaped the seat belt, exited the vehicle, got into the front seat, and drove away. Amazingly, the handcuffed man stole the police cruiser and managed to drive away.

As reported by Fox News, The state police eventually realized what was going on and chased the man down. Fox led police on a chase until he ended up wrecking the cruiser in front of an apartment building.

The Pennsylvania State Police arrested Fox once again, keeping a closer eye on him as they transported him to the Cambria County Prison. Fox is currently incarcerated on charges of possession of paraphernalia, driving under the influence, theft, and escape from police.

Fox is not the first handcuffed suspect to flee from police. Last month a handcuffed man fled from San Antonio, Texas, police. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. Officers placed him in handcuffs and put him into the back seat of the cruiser.

As reported by KSAT, the suspect somehow managed run away from the scene and escape. Authorities suspect that someone else opened the car door for the man, allowing him to escape.

Earlier last month, a handcuffed man escaped from authorities in Newport, Virginia. Phillip Alonzo Robinson, Jr., age 31, jumped from a moving trooper's vehicle and managed to escape on foot. As reported by WAVY, it took authorities 12 hours to catch up with the handcuffed man.

Just last week a handcuffed man escaped from police in Yavapai County, Arizona. Miguel Jerry Zepeda, age 22, was sitting outside of a The Yavapai County Sheriff's vehicle awaiting transport to jail. As reported by My Fox Phoenix, Zepeda waited until nobody was looking and fled on foot. Zepeda is still missing.

It seems to be at least somewhat common for suspects to escape police custody while handcuffed. However, a handcuffed man stealing a police cruiser is quite unlikely and unusual.