Navy Recruiter Missing After Public Fight With Wife

Nathan Francis

A Navy recruiter missing after a public fight with his wife has now been gone for close to two weeks, and authorities are losing hope that he will be found alive.

Chief Petty Officer Kevin Williams got into a fight with his wife Vanessa in a mall parking lot on May 28. Vanessa said she walked away from Kevin, then never saw him again.

"I was so mad with him, so I said 'Wait here. I'm not…I don't want to walk with you and argue anymore,' " she told ABC News.

Authorities are trying to determine how the Navy recruiter went missing. Vanessa said he left his cell phone behind, an unusual act for someone like Kevin.

"He's a great dad, a great husband, [he's] very responsible," Vanessa Williams said.

There is hope that the case of Kevin Williams will have a conclusion like another recent disappearance. Earlier this month a 4-year-old girl reported missing in California was found hours later, hiding under her bed.

Another disappearance didn't have such a happy ending. On Monday a group of Boy Scouts who went missing in Lake Mead National Recreational Area in Nevada were found after wandering for days in 110 degree heat. The group had set out for a planned hike in the extreme temperatures and became lost.

The group had a cell phone and was able to maintain contact with authorities, but it too took long for rescuers to find their position. One of the group died of heat stroke during the time they were missing.

There are some clues after the Navy recruiter went missing. Police said he used his ATM card that night, and may have been seen at an apartment complex on May 29.

"At this time, he is AWOL from the United States Navy, which is unusual since his rank is a chief," Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Lt. Robert Schoonover told ABC News.

As Williams' family make appeals for him to return home, police say they do not suspect foul play with the Navy recruiter missing.