‘Dark Souls 2’ Invites You To ‘Go Beyond Death’ [Video]

Dark Souls 2 has landed a trailer at E3 2013, inviting you to “go beyond death.”

Considering the success of its predecessor, developer From Software has stated that the controls will not be any different for Dark Souls 2 than they were in the first one. The action RPG title will be reportedly even harder than the original. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Dark Souls 2 will be darker, have more of an impending horror element, and use smarter monster AI, meaning that the tricks you used in Dark Souls won’t work this time around.

According to previous details also revealed in The Inquisitr, Dark Souls 2 will take place in a different world, even though it is a direct sequel. It will also use the same level of graphics as previously seen in the trailers for Watch Dogs, meaning your feeling of terror will be in high definition on a level you haven’t seen yet.

This could be exciting indeed.

The E3 2013 trailer for Dark Souls 2, below, begins with the screen at the Xbox One portion of the conference, and then zooms in on terrifically detailed scenes including a large bird-like monster perched just outside a castle wall with eerie lighting beyond it. Then we see a knight going face to face with a small group of monsters on what appears to be a castle balcony. Weapons swing with brutal force, and a large turtle-like monster with a metallic shell kicks the knight’s legs out from under him.

Then we see the knight seeming to weep over a dead body as a sword impales it against the castle floor, and steam appears to drop on top of the body.

The knight then appears to be standing alone in a large area with a broken bridge, as the camera snaps from far away to right up close. Our hero then looks out over a landscape and a castle wall/walkway.

What do you think of the E3 2013 trailer? Are you excited about Dark Souls 2 when it releases this October?