KFC Closes Fiji Stores After Country Stops Imports Of Needed Ingredients

KFC can't be KFC if they don't have their hidden blend of herbs and spices and for that reason the company says they were forced this week to close all three of their stores in the country of Fiji.

Company officials told the BBC that the government won't let them import milk, herbs and spices and since that ban began in 2010 the quality of their product has declined, while food costs have risen, making it impossible to operate stores in the region.

Fiji officials shot back at KFC, stating that the company never filed the proper paperwork for health regulations, they noted:

“The onus is on KFC to provide us with a simple veterinary certificate, that is all we ask.”
Government officials say the company used the import issue to disguise the fact that Fijians don't like the company's product.